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“Create. Enrich. Evolve.
Haven Gallery’s focus is on exhibiting emotionally, intellectually and imaginatively driven, representational artwork that connects the audience and artist with universal axioms and passions. We work with both emerging and established artists who transcend their medium and subjects by exploring the world around them as well as the one within themselves.”


‘Tequesta’ 12x12'' / latex on circular canvas / signed, with wire / $600 ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// The intention of this painting is to give the viewer an uninhibited look at how shape, shade, chroma and line are unified in order to create a painting. Our sense of sight allows us to view the world around us where the previously listed components meld together effortlessly. It’s a visual artist’s task to gather up these elements and compose them into a functioning, static image that might convey an underlying message or emotion. ‘Tequesta’ pays homage to a few simple elements of painting and how an artist must deconstruct and then reconstruct the essentials of sight.

‘Forsythia’ 8x10'' / ink and colored pencil on watercolor paper / signed, framed / $375 ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// On Long Island, one of the very first signs that spring is about to unbound into full bloom, is an extremely delicate deciduous shrub called Forsythia. Hints of bright yellow buds stand out like stars in the daytime, made even more prominent when staged within still-bare, dully colored branches. Forsythia’s bloom duration is brief but offers a stunning statement. Her yellow blossoms bow out gracefully and her leaves turn green as showy neighboring cherry and plum flowers erupt from their seasonal sleep to greet the warmer days.

‘Final Tithe’ 12x16'' / latex paint on Bristol / signed, custom framed / $700 ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Vanitas: van·i·tas /ˈvanəˌtäs/ noun a still-life painting of a 17th-century Dutch genre containing symbols of death or change as a reminder of their inevitability. The word “tithe” simply means “tenth," and as it is used in the Bible, it refers to giving a "tenth” to God. ‘Final Tithe’ is an imaginative, illustrative reminder that throughout one’s life it is expected that a portion of the things you receive (the very best, in fact) is to be given (to others) obediently in thanks/praise to God for having been given the things to begin with. In the last moments of a mortal life, everything is given to God as the soul departs from the body. The ‘final tithe’ is then given back to the earth (the body), to dissolve back into the ceaseless cycle of nature. ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// to purchase, contact info@havenartgallery.com

“What you are…"

3.5x5'' / watercolor, ink and colored pencil on watercolor paper / $100 /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// This was the first finished piece of the series. I knew right away that I wanted to complete a small sketch I had done a couple years ago which had been inspired by a Hans Urs von Balthasar quote: "What you are is God’s gift to you, what you become is your gift to God.” I think of this sentiment often – I feel strongly that it applies to myself in my artistic endeavors. I realized from a young age that I had a talent for drawing and through the years, I have nurtured and facilitated it’s healthy growth. I strive to be ever-improving with a passion and dedication that is fueled by a sincere gratitude for this gift. //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// To purchase, contact: info@havenartgallery.com

“Jazz Flora, Blue Fauna” 5x5'' / acrylic paint and colored pencil on toned cardstock / $150 //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// I had most certainly been swept away by a scene. //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// To purchase, contact: info@havenartgallery.com

“Incandescent Night” 5x7'' / watercolor, ink and colored pencil on watercolor paper / $175 //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// This piece is about remaining in motion in a peaceful, sleepy way. //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// To purchase, contact: info@havenartgallery.com

“Still Here” 8x8'' / acrylic paint and colored pencil on watercolor paper / $200 //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// I don’t remember how young I was when I started to do this, but as a kid, I discovered that I could sort of psych myself out. I’d sit very still with my eyes fixed on one place and repeat again and again in my head, "I’m here, I’m here, I’m here, I’m here…" Once I had achieved the right level of focus, I’d attain an ‘inner body experience’. It was freaky, but fun. The best way I can describe it is that for a moment, reality felt REALLY real. Now, as an adult, I feel as if I’ve become settled in to ‘being here’. Days don’t hold as many surprises as they used to and although I do my best to remain present – habits and routines have had plenty of time to solidify themselves. I wanted to create this piece as a playful reminder of the fact that each and every moment is a new moment. There is always enough of a reason to slow to a halt now and again in order to really feel one of them. //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// To purchase, contact: info@havenartgallery.com

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